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Understanding that certain thought patterns are not helpful is very different from actively applying and creating new thought patterns and behaviours around healthy eating concepts. Here’s how to break old thought patterns for good.

How to break unhelpful thought patterns

If you find yourself criticising your appearance, or you’re concerned about someone else, here are some strategies to improve body image.

How to improve your body image

Eating behaviour exists on a spectrum: at one end is a healthy and intuitive relationship with food and your body; at the other end are clinical eating disorders. So when does disordered eating become an eating disorder? To explain what is disordered in terms of eating, it is helpful to look at the other end […]

Eating disorders vs disordered eating

“If I give myself permission to eat, I’ll eat the house down”

Unconditional Permission to Eat

Most people who are interested in intuitive eating hold some desire to lose weight. But is it possible to do both? Intuitive eating is all about listening to your hunger and fullness signals. It is respecting them, tuning into them and actioning them. Dieting does the opposite. If your weight has been artificially lowered (through […]

Weight loss and intuitive eating – can you do both?

 Familiarity is comforting. Even if it’s uncomfortable familiarity. Comfort is safety. Safety is certainty. Certainty is an elusion. 

The psychology of comfort (and what this has to do with food)

Diet culture is a system of beliefs perpetuated by people, companies and organisations that profit off of consumer’s dissatisfaction with their bodies. Let’s ditch it, once and for all.

How to ditch diet culture

The benefits of journalling are endless. Here are some prompts to get your started. I promise you won’t regret it.

My top journal prompts

Mindful eating can be a great tool to use when trying to improve your relationship with food. Let’s delve into it in a little more detail!

Mindful eating

Intuitive eating isn’t for everyone all the time. Let’s learn why it’s okay to eat when you’re not hungry and why practical hunger is something we should listen to instead.

What is practical hunger?