time to shine

self paced online course to
get your period back and make 
peach with food and your body

find your


you want to recover your period, but are unsure where to start

you feel overwhelmed by what to eat, how to stress less and how long this whole recovery thing takes?

you are worried about losing your 'fitness' identity if you commit to recovery 

you are consumed by the fear of gaining weight and poor body image? 

you are stuck in a perfectionist mindset that holds you back from taking action?

does this sound like you...

let's take messy action.

module 1: the why & how

My online, self paced program incorporating my proven 6 step framework that have successfully supported many of my clients to regain their periods, make peace with their body and discover food freedom!

find your flow

find your flow

your why

what is HA

treatment aims 

suggested blood tests

module 2: nurture your nutrition

understanding calories and HA

macronutrients and HA

micronutrients and HA

flexible diet planning

dealing with digestive discomfort

module 3: mindful movement

exercise to support HA

alternative exercise outlets

module 4: mind your mind

supportive stress management 

reflection and journalling exercises

module 5: beyond your body

healthy body + set point weights 

accepting body changes

improving body image 

body preoccupation exercises

module 6: remaining remarkable

transition to intuitive eating 

maintaining a regular cycle post recovery

preventing relapse and roadblocks 

oh, ps.

mindful eating exercise 

access to me (via the private facebook group)

oh, ps.

workbooks to support your action, growth, and reflection

lifetime access

valued at $1500 aud

BUT, i am offering it AT $600 ALL INCLUSIVE

access to me (via the private facebook group)

  • you have lost your period due to Hypothalamic Amenorrhea  
  • you feel directionless on what next step to take
  • you feel ready to commit to recovery, but at your own pace
  • you are consumed by a fear of weight gain and poor body image
  • you are you sick of feeling guilt or anxiety around certain foods
  • stuck in a perfectionist mindset that holds you back from taking action
  • you ready to ditch the diet rules and start eating intuitively
  • you are ready to build sustainable, healthy habits to support your period and overall health for LIFE

you in?

this is for you if...



BUT, i am offering it AT $660 ALL INCLUSIVE

ps. if you are wanting additional coaching, email me and we can arrange coaching alongside the find your flow program